Diode Pumped Laser Marking Machine
Product Features.:

High laser quality, good stability, small machine size.
Adapt fixed optic path, manual focusing mode and red beam indication.
Marking process of non-contact, permanent marking effect, human operating,
And operation stability.
Professional control software can achieve automatic scheduling and edit for text,
symbols, graphics, photos, bar codes, two-dimensional code, serial numbers etc.
Automatic Parameter according to laser power.
Long term maintenance free operation.
Windows XP/ VISTA/ Windows 7 Compatible.
Serial Number / Circular Marking.
PLT, DXF, JPG, TIFF, BMP can be marked.
Automation – can be integrated with existing production or packaging line.
Internationally accepted as quality marking standard.
Flexible – mark texts, alphanumeric, logos, bar codes, graphics, images, 2D data matrix
code etc.
Least set up time required no tooling and jigs required.

Marking Alphanumeric, Serial Numbers, Part Numbers.
Marking of Logos, Schematics, Complex Graphics, Images and Pictures.
Bar-coding, 2D Data Matrix Codes, Lot Codes, Date Codes.
UID Marking (Unique Identification).
Deep Engraving.
Paint Removal from Plastic and Metal Surfaces.
Hologram marking Automotive Backlit, Bearing, Brake, Cam Shaft, Clutch, Crank Shaft, Engine ID Plates, Filter, Gear, Gasket, Hose,
Injector, Mirror, Nozzle, Piston, Piston Ring, Shafts, Spark Plugs, Tag, Turbine, Valve. Electrical Battery, Cable, Connector, Electric Motor, Light Bulb, Plug, Regulator, Relay, Solenoid,
Switches, Wire. Electronics Backlit, Cable, Chip Capacitors, Computer Keyboard Switch, Fuse Block, IC, Mobile & Computer
Accessories, Mobile Battery Charger, Mobile Keypad, PCB, USB Drive. Tools & Tooling Cutting Tools, Carbide, Chucks, Dies, Diamond Tools, Drills, Gauges, Hammer, Hardened Steel Tools,
Holding Device, Housing, HSS, Measuring Instruments, Milling Cutter, Pliers, Punch, PVC Pipe/Joints , Saw, Saw
Blade, Screwdriver – Blades & Handles, Socket, Tungsten, Wrenches.
Blade, Bit, Catheter, Implant, Needle, Scissor, Screw, Stent, Surgical Instruments.
Jewelry & Fashion accessories
Bangle, Brooches, Cufflinks, Earring, Hallmarking l Ring, Nose pin, Pendant.
Kitchenware & bath fittings
Bath Hook, Bathroom Taps, Cookware Set, Door Handle, Door Stopper, Faucets, Fork,
Hardware, Hand Shower, Handrail & Baluster, Hanger Rod, Knife, Lemon Squeezer, Lock,
Shower Trays, Shower Valves, Sign Plate, Spoon.
Awards, Key Chains, Pen, Trophy.

Technical Specification:
Laser Diode marking
Fiber Marking laser Lamp-Pumped
Marking Laser
Laser Source DPSS Q Switched
YAG laser
Krypton Lamp
Laser power 75 W 10W/20W 50W
Wavelength 1064 nm 1064 nm 1064 nm
Beam quality M2 <4 <1.5 <10
Diode Life/ Lamp Life 10000 hours 100000 hours 300-500 hours
Repeat Rate 100 to 50000 Hz 200—100000Hz 100 to30000HZ
Repeatability 0.050 mm ±0.001mm +0.01mm
Marking Area(in mm) 100 x 100
(150 x 150, 200 x
200 Optional)
100×100(can be
enlarged at
160×160, 250X250,
70×70, 110×110,
Marking Speed Up to 7000 mm/sec. Up to 7000
Up to 7000 mm/sec.
Min line width 0.015mm 0.008mm 0.018mm
Electrical Connection 220±10% V AC,
Single Phase
220V±10% V AC/
50Hz / 7A
220V±10% V AC
Power Consumption <1.4 KVA <1.4 KVA <7.5
Ambient Temperature 25oC-28oC 10 °c to 35°c 25oC-28oC
Cooling Pure Water Air cooling Pure Water
Weight 95 to 105 Kg 150 Kg 150 Kg
Size ( in mm ) 800 x 700 x 1100 535  x 435  x 710 1300 x 700 x 1100